Selected Works

“Natalie Bober’s Thomas Jefferson is a gift to us all She makes him present, alive, and accessible: a man of intellect,feeling, grief, purpose, and great imagination.”
--Ken Burns, Documentarian
“This well researched biography provides an intimate portrait of a unique individual while also reflecting the tenor and times of the 18th century.”
--Starred, School Library Journal
“In a stunning biography that brings a legend alive, Bober uses interviews, letters, and Frost’s own poetry to depict the conditions and the events that gave rise to his restless spirit. A passionate book does justice to an American giant.”
--Language Arts
“This book demonstrates how history should be written. Award-winning author Bober’s account is a gift to young readers – a history book too good to put down…. Bober’s reputation for writing readable history with appeal for young readers shines with this book."
Poetry Anthology
Poems to spark the imagination of a young child

Let's Pretend: Poems of Flight and Fancy

"Let's Pretend" is the password to the Land of Magic - a land where elves and fairies live, animals talk, objects miraculously come to life, and, sometimes, there are even imaginary playmates.

"This delightful anthology of poems, with bright and whimsical illustrations by Bill Bell, includes contemporary poets as well as traditional favorites. Ranging from the humorous to the pleasantly scary to the most delicate of poetic iagery, "Let's Pretend" provides a fresh, stimulating mix for parent and child to share. Perfect reading for children who are at the age where a love of poetry is ready to be born."