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• Voices from the Past: Abigail Adams
• Abigail Adams: Witness to a Revolution
• Abigail and John Adams: Mr. and Mrs. President
• Thomas Jefferson: Draftsman of a Nation
• Thomas Jefferson: Hero or Villain?
• Thomas Jefferson and Religious Freedom
• Thomas Jefferson in France
• Thomas Jefferson: Architect
• A Revolution of Ideas in Pre-Revolutionary America
• In Defense of the Crown; In Defiance of the Crown
• Robert Frost: The Sound and the Sense
• Robert Frost: Storyteller Poet
• Marc Chagall: A Different Way of Seeing
• Louise Nevelson: Breaking Tradition
• Let's Pretend: Stimulating Imagination Through Poetry

Past Venues

• John F. Kennedy Presidential Library
• New York Historical Society
• Adams National Historic Site
• International Center for Jefferson Studies
• C-Span for History Channel
• Charlottesville School District
• Numerous Schools and Libraries
• Numerous colleges and universities across the country
• Oxford University
• Amsterdam CCRC
Robert Frost Derry Farm