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Countdown to Independence: A Revolution of Ideas in England and Her American Colonies: 1760-1776

“Natalie Bober has provided what is probably the most thorough and intellectually sophisticated narrative that any (YA) book on the revolution has ever attempted…. Bravo. I salute its distillation of scholarship. Sense of drama, eye for character, and memorable quotations.”

--Professor Joseph Ellis, Pulitzer Prize winner, Founding Brothers

“Historian Bober clearly and gracefully examines the exciting pre-revolutionary period in Georgian England and its thirteen North American colonies. With rapid fire style and syntax, she builds appropriate suspense, rendering the events and players vividly and moving the story along quickly. The large cast of characters is shown with all its faults as well as strengths... sketched in fine detail…. Stimulating, lively, and informative."
--Starred, Kirkus Reviews