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A Restless Spirit: The Story of Robert Frost

Robert Frost’s life-long love affair with the craft of writing is the quality about him that speaks most eloquently to me. It is the deceptive simplicity of his style that intrigues me. His poetry appears simple, but the writing of it must have been anything but simple. Indeed, the extraordinary effort and determination he put forth to perfect his technique allowed him to forge a new and original world of poetic art.

In writing about him, I sought to answer the question: how was his poetry an outgrowth of the life he lived? I knew I had to make my readers see him as more than a gentle old New England poet. He was a man who had struggled against tremendous odds and great personal tragedy to do what he knew he had to do. When Frost was young he had the courage to start on nothing more than a dream and faith in himself. He understood that he had to trust his own feelings and recognize his own pattern. All his life he gently but firmly refused to conform. He made what he called “the reckless choice” and took “the road less traveled by” to become one of the finest voices in American poetry.